Case study: The Dee Daa Digital Signage Network

Manhattan lunch regulars are introduced to Dee Daa’s ‘balanced Thai food to go’ new digital signage implementation. The network concept and strategy, and digital content was developed by Arsenal Media in collaboration with Dee Daa’s creative team to create brand awareness for this emerging chain of restaurants.

The approach includes 4 specific zones reflecting key steps on the visitor’s path within the restaurant environment: 1) a visually appealing 4-screen menu board with social media to increase customer engagement, 2) an ambient 2-screen wall art display capturing the zen, subtle essence evoked by the brand through cultural Thai imagery, 3) an entertaining screen display featuring a content loop of specialty products for people waiting in line, and 4) a storefront window display designed to entice passers-by into the restaurant. The Dee Daa digital signage network bridges the restaurant’s roots in traditional Thai culture, with its modern environment, brand and balanced food choices.

Digital Signage + The Physical Web

Using Physical Web technology and an Eddystone beacon, content on the interactive digital signage display is transmitted to the user’s mobile device to provide a real-time “digital takeaway” of the display’s information–whether it be pictures, videos, events or product information. This also enhances privacy and security for digital out-of-home (DOOH) ecommerce transactions by allowing the user to make the transaction on their mobile device rather than on a large public display–which increases the probability of a transaction.

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