Why laminate digital signs and full colour vehicle graphics

Full colour outdoor digital signs and vehicle graphics should be laminated if you want solvent ink to last. This simple demonstration shows how much more robust laminated signage is compared to exposed solvent printed signage. This signage was produces on a Roland Versacamm with Eco Solvent ink on digital vinyl. The liquid used is mildly soapy water. The grey fine grade scotch polishing pad is only very slightly abrasive. I used it to simulate the effect of normal vehicle-washing over time and abrasion commercial vehicles will encounter when a bit dirt is mixed in with washing. ie Normal circumstances!

Testimonial for Digital Signage: Serious BBQ- FASTSIGNS®

Digital signs combine video, graphics, sound, text and animation to get your message to the right audience, at the right time. Utilizing digital signs as part of your marketing solution can boost sales, offer a high return on investment (ROI) and ultimately lead to greater customer satisfaction. Learn how Serious Texas BBQ uses digital signage to better inform and engage with customers, while spreading their marketing messages and further bolster their brand integrity.

FASTSIGNS® offers three types of digital sign solutions to meet your visual communication needs: a simple “plug and play” option, a web-based system and a custom, multi-faceted enterprise solution. To learn more about digital kiosks, as shown in this video, go to

S: We’ve had Serious Texas for about 10, 11 years now.
J: It started out with an old man and his wife named Cook and Julia Swanson, and they built a couple wagons in Texas and dragged em up here behind their truck and started on the side of the road.
S: Oh, we have 5 locations now.
J: In the past we’ve always had static signs; they are kind of all over the place and a little, jumbled.
J: Just trying to reduce the amount of clutter we had around here was one of the reasons that we moved to the sign, and then to be able to just update things without having to have new signs built and that kind of thing. We can just kinda get a hold of you guys, have a new slide made, and bam it’s there.
S: We had so much information that we wanted to give to the public about our products and services, and this is one way we could do it efficiently.
S: They are sitting there and watching our sign, and going through all our locations, all of our food, all of our products that we offer, holiday specials, turkeys, gift cards, so it’s been very useful.
S: Our day to day effort is very effortless. We don’t do a whole lot with it, we’re just a phone call away, and anything can be changed, updated to the satisfaction of what we need.
J: Well, what we’ve noticed since we’ve had the sign is that the items that we are trying to push, are selling more at this location than the other locations.
J: People are buying more food for parties, that’s one of the slides.
S: And also our holiday turkeys are really taking off too, something we push for Christmas and Thanksgiving. They’ve really taken off, because they can see a visual of the actual turkey that we’re selling. So they can see how big and moist it is.
J: And it’s all shiny and clean, and pretty looking.

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