A complete digital signage solution for small businesses

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Get great value for your small business with Corel Digital Signage software. Whether you want to display logos, graphics, videos, price lists, news and twitter feeds, a slideshow, local weather or the latest stocks, you can quickly and easily set up, manage and display high-quality content on screen in minutes. Drag-and-drop widgets allow you to add a variety of dynamic content, while the hundreds of customizable templates make it easy to create professional digital signage at the click of a mouse.

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Marvel Technology digital signage manufacturer

China advertising player manufacturer,
Stand slone digital signage with media player:
LCD video wall:
Waterproof touch screen coffee table:
dual screen stand alone advertising player:
270 degree 3D Holographic Display:
22 inch Transparent lcd advertising player:
Write rotate advertising player:
42 inch mirror advertising lcd display:
42 inch stand alone photobooth:
180 Degree Holographic Display:

iSeeBoard Android Digital Signage

A quick view on how iSeeBoard Android player can do and how easy it can be setup on Android device. iSeeBoard Android player can play multiple zones with video, images, and text all in one screen. It can play remote content from Youtube, Google Picasa, Yahoo Flickr, and your own content server. iSeeBoard is a true Cloud based digital signage.

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