Axiomtek In-Bus Digital Signage

Axiomtek presents digital signage platforms that help operators manage and display content, such as information commercials and promotions, in various media formats easily to achieve their goal of communicating effectively with their target audience. Today, its digital signage platforms help deliver its customers’ content via transportation services such as public transportation buses.
As this advertising platform is a 24/7 non-stop service, Axiomtek knows the importance of uninterrupted service to effectively deliver their customers’ communications goals. Ensuring that their digital signage platform runs smoothly allows their customers to reach out to their audiences whenever and wherever. Without compromising on the quality and efficiency of its digital signage platforms, Axiomtek partnered with Intel to build highly reliable and performance-driven digital signage systems to its target markets.

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ProEnc USA offer a wide range of digital signage solutions including on vehicle digital signage, that is also referred to as a taxi topper. You will have seen taxi top digital signage when in New York as these are fitted to cabs.

The on vehicle digital signage solution comes as standard with 2 sunlight bright displays and an ad player that is housed in a projective housing that is mounted to the vehicle.

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We also offer mobile LED video walls for fitting to buses and coaches for advertising in tourist areas.

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