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Digital Signage and LED Signs in Dayton, Ohio from Wilson Electronic Displays.

Wilson Electronic Displays, the digital signage and LED sign company that Dayton,Ohio turns to first for all their digital signage needs.

Wilson digital signage in Dayton, Ohio, supplying the highest quality LED displays.

Our product line includes LED Video displays for both indoor and outdoor use, from monochrome to full-color RGB.

We also feature variable message signs suitable for applications in roadside, stock/bank, and point-of-sale locations.

Why use Digital Signage or LED signs?

Below are just a few of the many reasons why businesses are considering and choosing digital signage and LED sign technology for their businesses.

Many businesses are either integrating digital signage and LED signs with their existing marketing options or even replacing them entirely.

Recent studies have shown that increased information can turn into increased sales.

Digital signage and LED signs can help invigorate any presentation of information so that it will be more noticeable and memorable.

It can accentuate your businesses products or services using stunning photography, it can highlight special offers or prices and up-sell or cross-sell and even drive customer loyalty to your business.

Digital signage and LED signs are flexible, very functional and totally sustainable.

Utilizing larger display areas with digital signage can make it much easier for your customers to read.

As long as the electricity consumption of digital signage and LED signs are well-managed, there can be real significant opportunities to help cut back on natural resource usage and much more environment friendly from a “green” perspective than the use of printed materials would be.

The use of flyers, posters or other static signage can often take days to change or replace and they actually have a very limited shelf life.

Digital signage and LED signs on the other hand will enable the business owner to easily add or remove or refine their marketing content, this can often be done in just a matter of minutes.

Visual communication through the use of digital signage and LED signs is engaging, consistent and focused in a way that typical static signage simply cannot.

It can be made tailor made to target your specific audience through the use of streaming signage updated to the minute or mixed with recorded video or animation no matter what the time of day, the season or the location.

Digital signage and LED signs are communications tool that can be used to recognize achievement, boost staff morale and help to build campus community or even when needed, to serve as an emergency broadcasting system.

They can be used to keep people informed of schedules, entertained, provide weather and news wherever people may congregate or wait, or just happen to pass by in high traffic areas.

I think you can clearly see why businesses today are taking advantage of the effectiveness of digital signage and LED signs for their businesses

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