WallSHOP: Multiuser Interaction with Public Digital Signage using Private Mobile Device

WallSHOP bridges the public-to-private experience in e-commerce using interconnectivity of digital signage and personal mobile devices. Multiple users can connect and interact with a wall display and pull public content to their mobile devices.

This work was presented by Rakuten Institute of Technology at ACM Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces(IUI2015) Poster Session.

Soh Masuko, Masafumi Muta, Keiji Shinzato, Adiyan Mujibiya, “WallSHOP:
Multiuser Interaction with Public Digital Signage using Mobile Devices for Personalized Shopping”, ACM Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces(IUI2015), pp.37-40, 2015.

Why Chrome for Digital Signage and Kiosks?

Our presentation from the Google booth at DSE 2015.  Join Walter from Arreya while he explains why Chrome is the perfect fit for digital signage and kiosks.  He takes a look at the past, present, and future of digital signage.  To answer “Why Chrome?” he explores the technology, philosophy, devices, and management tools.  He provides examples and testimonials of how you are able to use the perfect platform of Arreya Digital Signage Suite and Chrome platform to enable the vision for the future of digital signage and kiosks.

Digital Signage with 1,000+ Templates for Menu Boards and Marketing

Digital Signage Solution ( for displaying content using easy to use Customization Templates.
+ 1,000+ customizable templates for digital menu boards, product promotion, events and schedules, slideshows and live weather (Current Conditions, Short Term and Weekly Forecast)
+ Manage content using any device (PC, Tablet or Phone) with any operating system (Windows, Mac, Android)
+ Compatible with any TV (LCD, LED or 4K) and displays in full HD
+ Display templates, images, video, web pages and scrolling banner

Digital Signage KeTTHa

Learn more at

Our selected Digital Signage Media Players offers industrial grade embedded media-processing modules for customers to build their network digital media applications. These modules are designed using advanced media or RISC processors with enabling firmware to meet the requirement in processing high quality digital media. Our Digital Signage Media Players has powered thousands of digital signs across retail, healthcare, hospitality and food service organizations, making it one of the leading platform providers in the market. It offers network-manageable digital signage platform which offers high computing performance, great flexibility that support versatile media formats, and compatible with various Window®-based digital signage application software. Those industrial-grade signage platforms are designed with long term operation and function in mind; therefore, they can minimize the down-time compared to the of-the-shelf consumer-grade PC.

Benefits of webOS for Digital Signage

WebOS is the web-enabled platform built into LG’s premium digital signage monitors and hotel TVs.
This platform raises digital signage to the next level by incorporating a quad-core processor, gigabytes of storage, WiFi connectivity and an intuitive interface. The final result is an enterprise signage solution at a fraction of the price compared to adding external players and 3rd party software.

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