Digital Signage and PowerPoint: Sample for Pubs

Rich Multimedia and Digital Signage can perfectly be done in PowerPoint. Easy to edit and no extra software to learn.

You can even add a clock, weather conditions and live news to it that updates automatically.

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Beautiful Digital Signage! The Miele Inspirience Centre

Given the quality promise of the brand and having furthered their global reputation for modernity, innovation and efficiency, Miele sought to engage customers and dealers with a different approach that enabled everyone see, hear, feel and smell the quality of the product in an environment that placed the products into a relevant context. The combined experience of these senses is enhanced with the opportunity to taste food prepared on-site using the appropriate combination of Miele equipment.

To provide this experience, Miele first created Galleries, or shop in shop concepts in stores in key cities across the world to showcase their brand and their products. The newest of this form of customer engagement is at their Dutch headquarters in Vianen where Miele has created an
Inspirience Centre.

This is an exclusive showroom which presents a selection of Miele products and provides an ideal opportunity to inform and educate visitors by providing an enhanced retail experience that emphasizes all of the key brand attributes Miele has crafted into its products for many years.

Digital Signage Sales Data Dashboard Updated using Excel by Eclipse Digital Media

This is a quick demo of the Sales Data Dashboard, Eclipse Digital Media have created, using ONELAN Digital Signage Media Players and their Data Collection Engine (DCE) Software. Using these tools we’ve been able to create a smooth Sales Dashboard that can be updated directly from one Excel sheet.

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[Transportation] LG Digital Signage – Seoul Metro_Seoul, Korea

SeoulMetro project is to install digital signage in subway stations for advertisement and information delivery. This project is undertaken with Avern(SI) and approximately 500 LG digital signage displays (65SM5B) are to be installed in 112 metro stations.

According to Avern, LGE IPS panel, featuring 178˚ wide viewing angle, is suitable for subway stations since people watch the monitors while walking around, and it can express the images more vividly and lively than other panel technologies.

Also, it points out that LGE’s brand reliability is one of the selection reasons for its partner. Please find out more on this video.

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