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Bizplay is the simplest, most affordable and most versatile web-based solution to get your message on your TV screen. Say bye bye to complex and expensive digital signage solutions! In this demo I’ll show you the basics of Bizplay and how easy it is to create your in-store / in-company TV info channel in no time.

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Sign Content Producer – Outdoor Digital Signage and Electronic Menu Boards

Content Producer – Outdoor Digital Signs and Electronic Menu Boards

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We Produce Sign Content in many file formats
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MOV ANIMATION and many other formats,

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Toshiba Solutions: Digital Signage Clip

From the moment consumers wake up, to the moment they go to sleep, they are surrounded by a world of screens and signs. Signage should be interactive, able to solve problems and drive business outcomes. Explore how Toshiba’s digital signage leaders are creating a one-stop shop for brands looking to connect with consumers. Learn more here:

45-Second Introduction to Workplace Digital Signage

How are you marketing your important communications to employees? Cork boards, intranet sites, email? Without direct visibility, your messages are probably still getting lost. Learn more about Workplace Digital Signage and why it’s right for you!

Digital Signage from The Marlin Company is a cloud based solution that can turn any document or communications material into an engaging piece of content that workers gravitate to. It’s quick, easy to manage, flexible, and affordable.

Focused on the workplace, we are constantly striving to improve communication, making it easier for you to deliver important messages to your workforce.

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