Apple TV App | It’s Relevant TV | Business TV, Digital Signage & Social Media

It’s Relevant TV for Apple TV. Now available in the Apple TV Store.

It’s Relevant TV combines the attractiveness and appeal of up-to-date family-friendly television programming with easy to control digital messaging solutions that both entertain and educate your visitors.

It’s Relevant pays TV producers from around the world to provide your building with meaningful programming for your customers. Custom branded, we deliver licensed television programs that match your visitors’ interests.

Reach, educate and inform your visitors about your services, specials, events, community engagement and more. With a dedicated space on your screen it’s easy to get the message across.

Display your most recent social media posts to encourage your customers to stay connected with you outside your walls.

Control your TV network 24/7 no matter where you are. Desktop, tablet & phone compatible.

Add your own videos to the mix. Share your commercials, spotlight staff and more.

With It’s Relevant TV you can block television ads for competing businesses from ever appearing on your TV.

Questions? Call us toll-free: 855-ITS-RELE or email: support {at}

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Join the digital advertising Revolution with Digital Signage Solutions !

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