Ariadne – Wayfinding and Multimedia Digital Signage for Healthcare, Hospitals and Clinics

Are you interested in a dynamic indoor signage solution?

Do you want to promote your company and improve how your visitors are welcomed?

Ariadne is digital signage software which supports a wide variety of hardware including Modulex, Windows 7, Android and iOS based devices. Find out more at

Ariadne easily and effectively manages digital signage in order to improve your organizations efficiency and image. Use Ariadne to keep your visitors and staff informed, with instant messages and up-to-date information throughout the day. Entertain and reach your customers with streaming videos or company presentations and keep them updated with the latest news directly from the internet.

From the time staff and visitors enter your building until the moment they leave; Ariadne effectively manages the digital signs so staff and visitors feel informed, welcome and at ease. Ariadne allows you to promote your company’s products while giving the customers a positive and professional image of your organization.

Ariadne is available either installed onsite or hosted by Add-on Products.

With Ariadne you get:

Increased reception efficiency
Improved branding and promotion
Increased customer satisfaction with way finding functionality
Improved internal and external communication
The most up to date meeting, news and visitor information

Install and get started with Screenly OSE Digital Signage on a Pi

Please watch: “Installation and Getting started with AbanteCart”


How to install and get started with Screenly OSE Digital Signage on a Raspberry Pi.

Screenly OSE, or Open Source Edition, is a free version of Screenly which is backed by the community and maintained by WireLoad. All you need is a Raspberry Pi and a TV.

Screenly website:

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