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Create eye catching outdoor digital signs with an ICE LED Vertical Screen

One screen for One man was the thinking behind our latest PLAS480 Modular LED screen system.

For the rental company we have developed a system set approach, where by utilizing five LED panels and three stand sizes, they can offer a digital display system in vertical or horizontal formats, simply by assembling the components for the arrangement required. This makes it perfect for in-store promo display, roadside attention getter or as a sports event time clock. Select the stand components, screw it together, drop your panels into position and now you have a rugged mobile system designed to impress.

The design has been enhanced by giving users the ability to pimp their stand. So you can add side panels with vinyl lettering, top flags and our own unique side profile LED tubes for evening and dusk attention getting. The rear of the stand is idea for rigid board printed signs or tensioned vinyl cover advertisements. the stands are all on (locking) wheels so are easily moved about, with the simple option of unscrewing the wheels for static feet.

One of the crucial aspects was that no matter what the size configuration or the set up, it had to be easily achieved by ONE person. From taking the LED panels out of the flight case each time to mounting each panel, bolting the legs on, every single task had to be easily completed by one person. This is unheard of for a LED abstinent system but we new it was vital as weight is crucial to easy set up.

The Business Rental configuration package enables this full capability. End users can select the screen size they require.

1×5 2400mm x 480mm
5×1 480mm x 2400mm
1×3 480mm x 1440mm
3×1 1440mm x 480mm
2×1 960mm x 480mm
1×2 480 x 960mm
2×2 960 x 960mm

The Plas480 Modular system is available in P5mm, P10mm, P15mm, P20mm pitch in RGB or mono colour set up. Each screen can be used and installed in either portrait or landscape orientation. Every size can be pimped with additional side, top, bottom, rear dress advertising panels, promotional flags. Additional Plas480 panels can be added over time to increase the screen size.

If you are not sure what size best suits your needs give us a call or send an email and wel will advise the best cost effect solution.

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ProPresenter 5 Tutorial: Using ProPresenter as Digital Signage

Please watch: “ProPresenter for Pastors: How to make sermon notes without using ProPresenter”


ProPresenter 5 Tutorials: How to do ProPresenter Digital Signage

[tweet “Want to do ProPresenter Digital Signage? Here’s a way to hack it: “]

First, you can use certain layers for things that you might not have considered. The mask layer, for example, doesn’t have to be just boxes drawn in ProPresenter. It can be images, including PNG and Gif files that can have transparency. So, the first thing I did was create a frame file in Photoshop that included cut outs for each element and a place for a logo.

Immediately under that layer is the props layer. Since you can use multiple props, I’d include each element as a separate prop, so that you can turn each on and off individually.

Finally, create a slide loop like you would for before service, but here’s a pro tip. Add two copies (or more) of each image. Put two images per slide, but stagger when they’re added, so have “image 1” on the same slide as “image a” and then put in another slide with “image 1” and “image b”. Now add a new slide with “image 2” and “image b”. Make sure each image is in exactly the same location and size for each of the slides that it’s in.

By doing so, it will look like each image changes individually from the slide before it.

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