Xhibit Signage Tutorials – Creating signage layouts with the template editor (Digital Signage)

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Key Features of Mvix XhibitSignage

— digital signage software
— HD digital signage media player
— content widgets i.e. social media (Vimeo, Flickr, Picassa, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram), RSS/MRSS feeds, scrolling text, calendar, live web content, HTML scripts, YouTube, QR code, events listings, Google Docs, stock/financial data etc
— display dynamic content.
— generates reports
— Remote management
— Advanced scheduling options
— Zoned screen layouts

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QuickStart Step6: Schedules – Digital Signage SaaS

Demo on using Scala Quick Start, a software as a service product, for digital signage.

Scala QuickStart provides the power, flexibility and reliability of Scala through a quick, easy and costeffective digital signage deployment for companies seeking a solution for smaller networks. Targeted for end-users who want a simple to use interface, with an “out of the box” experience. Scala QuickStart is the perfect solution for corporate reception areas, educational institutions, independent retailers and many other users who do not want to be concerned with complex network management, without compromising on content quality and delivery reliability.
Scala QuickStart is a Scala hosted version of Scala Content Manager, with a simplified
Graphical User Interface, accessible via any internet connected device

* No server software installation and maintenance
* No server hardware management and maintenance
* No monthly fees, rather a single upfront payment for the term of your choice

1. Simple, easy to use graphics user interface
2. Scheduling of content to single output player devices
3. RSS, metadata, message templates and approval
4. User levels and concurrent multi-user support
5. Landscape and portrait orientation
6. Multi-language support
7. All major Scala supported content types; including video, images, Flash, interactive content and Scala scripts

LG SuperSign Digital Signage Made Simple!

LG SuperSign TV is a digital signage TV made simple. It’s the perfect solution for small or medium-sized businesses that need a straightforward, eye-catching and effective way to communicate with their target audience. LG Supersign TV is a smart, customizable product solution for all your digital signage & TV needs,

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