The Gift of a New Fish

I received a betta fish as a gift from one of my friends for my birthday. I’ve owned other fish before, but this was my first time owning a betta fish. The last fish I had was a goldfish, and it died months ago. I was sad about it, and a little reluctant to get another fish, but once my friend gave me the gift, everything changed. There was one thing about the fish that concerned me, and that was keeping betta fish disease free. Most fish have common practices that ensure that they’ll live without any problems, but this was my first time encountering a betta fish, and I wanted to make absolutely sure that nothing would happen to it.

As it turns out, caring for betta fish is similar to caring for other fish, but it’s important to pay attention to the state of the water in which they live. The water has to be treated for chlorine, and needs things added to it that prevent the growth of fungus, disease, and parasites. Occasionally a betta fish may become ill, but if it has an optimal environment, the illness should pass without it turning into anything that may be life threatening.

I still had my fish tank and pump from when I owned my previous fish, so all I had to do was clean the tank and fill it with water. I went to the local pet store to get some water treatment products and food for the betta fish. The betta fish has such a beautiful color, and when it swims around, it looks like a fine, colorful piece of silk floating around in the water. I sometimes talk to the fish when I’m feeling bored and it just stares at me. I don’t think it understands what I’m saying, but it’s nice to pretend.

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