The Best Cheap VPS Providers Make My Website Even More Profitable by Lowering Operating Expenses

Hey! I graduated! No, not from high school or college but from having my first money-earning website graduate from being on a shared server to something more advanced. I started out with a basic website idea and it began to grow. Now I have reached the point where the traffic is just too much for a shared server system, but not yet big enough to be hosted on a dedicated server. The shared server got to the point it was costing me by losing customers. I looked for the best cheap VPS to upgrade to. Dedicated hosting was too expensive, but switching to a VPS was affordable.

Another thing I really like about graduating to having my website on a VPS is that I can have full and complete access to the operating system. A VPS is like having your own computer within a computer. A bunch of customers can be active on one powerful server with a bunch of operating systems sort of partitioned off into their own areas and running totally isolated from one another. The drives are often solid state, and that speeds up things too. You and I could basically have our own server running virtually and never know or have any interaction with the separate instances of the operating system running. You could do things at the root level of your VPS and so could I without either of us interfering with one another.

A dedicated server is basically a computer you have dedicated to just you-one customer. You can imagine why that would be pricey. Some server room has to have a slot just for you and hardware, in this case the computer/server, dedicated just for you. A VPS is a computer that can have a bunch of servers running at one time with each customer having access to their own virtual section if you will. A big money saver allowing me to get more customers and stay in the black with my earnings.

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