Reliant Energy Pricing in Texas

I have had the same energy provider for close to 20 years, even though electricity companies were de-regulated in this state, and there are now a lot of different electricity companies that I have to choose from. It seems that it would be reasonable for me to try to look around, to see if I might be able to get a better rate, than what I am getting at this current point in time. I want to look into reliant energy right now, to find out more information about that company, and the prices that they offer for their electricity. I have heard that they are lower than what I am currently paying, form a neighbor of mine. I told my neighbor how much I was currently paying, for my electricity, based on the rate that I pay, and not the total bill.

The neighbor informed me that they pay a couple cents less per kilowatt hour of power, for their electricity. That is the type of savings, that could really build up over the course of months, years, and even decades. As such, it seems like it is my duty to try to check this out. I have been in the process of trying to save money in the last few months, because I want to put more money into my savings account, and into my retirement fund as well.

Any bit of money that I can save, is a blessing, and I hope be pretty successful in reducing my monthly expenses. I have a few ideas for methods to reduce the payments I make on a monthly basis already. I have a lot of other things to look into though. Next, I am going to try to budget the money that I spend on food better and reduce the amount of food I waste.

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