Rating the Energy Companies in Texas

Since, I am going to be moving to Texas, and have almost finished making all of the arrangements associated with buying a new house there, it seems like a good idea to try to figure out things associated with having a new house. One thing that is pretty high on my list of things to take care of, is just getting the electricity cut on, since that is one of the most basic needs in life. I want to try to find a list of all of the electric companies in texas that currently provide electricity to the part of the state.

I am aware that there are a number of such companies, that provide electricity to the area. It is more than I would have expected, coming from a state where there is only one electricity company per area. I guess the difference is due to the legislation that is in place in the state of Texas, which allows for competition among electricity companies in the area. That seems to be a good thing, in my honest opinion. I believe that competition generally leads to better quality of service for customers, and it also tends to drive down the price of said services. As such, I am definitely in favor of it.

But it does leave me with a problem. Because, now I am going to have to figure out the right company for me to buy my electricity through. I do not really know how to make that decision, but I am going to try to start, by making a ranking of all of the companies in the area. That might take awhile, but I want to ensure that I do a good job when making this decision. It is not a decision I will have another chance to make for the foreseeable future.

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