Moving Near the Water Was a Dream Come True for Me

I was ready to move up in living style, but was not sure what to go at first. I know that I drive by the water each day when I go to and from work, but I did not know how much more it would cost to live so close to the water. One night after work, I stopped in at revere beach apartments to talk to someone in order to find out more about costs. I was pretty taken aback when I learned that renting a 2 bedroom place there would only be $150 more per month than what I was paying across town at a not-so-nice place. This was going to be so much better than I thought!

I asked for a tour that night after I stopped in at the beach apartments. Every unit that I was shown was absolutely beautiful. So much nicer than what I had been living in for the past four years. I found myself wishing that I had looked even sooner. But nevertheless, I also felt that I should look around at some other places near the water in case there was an even better deal. That is what I did that next weekend. I did like a lot of the places, but none had the beauty and charm that I found at the first place I stopped in at. So, I rushed to call the apartment manager there to ask if they still had a unit avalable and I jumped to sign a contract as soon as she said only one of them was left.

I was really looking forward to move-in day. It took me about 2 weeks to get everything ready and packed. So, I was looking forward to being settled in somewhere again. I had also promised myself that I would take a nice evening stroll on the beach on my first night there, too. I did that, and it was incredibly relaxing.

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