Learned About a Volume Pill

I ran across this the other day and I really did not get it. In fact I was sitting around with some of my buddies watching a college football game and drinking beer with the guys from work. One of them told me that he was killing time at work one day and he ran across this really odd thing. It was a pill called semenax pills, which is something that they call a volume pill. Of course if you look at the name it is easy to see what it is supposed to increase the volume of, but the big question for me and all of the other guys who were there is why you need that. I mean really, it is not something where you have a great advantage from getting more of it. In truth I never really put much thought in that. If I am using a condom for example I do not examine it to see how much goo was left in it. The condom goes straight into the trash and no one involved is going to think about it or what was in it. Of course if you sit around drinking beer with your buddies you can come up with a rational reason for this stuff, but it is a stretch. We were wondering if it allowed you to ejaculate more frequently. That might be something which has merit. For example you may have more than one partner and you would obviously be called upon to serve more than one mistress. That is not going to be that easy if you persistently have relations with more than one woman. You might need some help if that were the case, but I am guessing that Viagra would be a more effective pill to solve that particular problem.

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