Just Got My New Place

I spent the past few weeks searching around for one bedroom apartments for Winston Salem NC. I was staying at this place right near a dirt race track called Bowman Gray. It is apparently important to the history of NASCAR, or that is what the old guy at work tells me. Obviously before they had all of the private planes and such all of the races were held on this sort of track, aside from the hand full of races at the big speedways like Daytona, Talladega and Darlington. At any rate this place is fine on most days, but when they have races it is full of traffic and a lot of the people are the stereotypical Nascar fans. That is to say that they are loud and they drink a lot. In fact some of the people in the neighborhood walk to the races. It is apparently not any use trying to do much else right here when they are racing. It is really loud.

This place I found is pretty close to my job, which is what I was looking for. Before I was having to get up at around a quarter to seven in the morning, so that I could get ready and get to work before half past 8. It was necessary because I had to use old I 40 to get there. Now I can hope on the new Business I 40 and be at the office quite reliably in around ten minutes at worst. So I can get up a half hour later than I used to get up and I really love that. It is even better at night, because for some reason my afternoon commute was always terrible when I was living in my old place and now it is a lot quicker

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