I Finally Feel Ready to Handle Money for My Business

I worried that I did not have enough experience with finances to start up a business without anyone else’s help. Friends who had done it had business or finance degrees. I graduated from high school, but I never went to college. I fretted about how to keep track of the financial end of things. So, a friend, who is well-versed in finances pointed out that getting something like Quicken 2016 would be great for a brand new business. I trusted her, and told her that I would need to check it out first.

Back when I first started working for a company 25 years ago, everything was done by hand. Our bookkeeper spent long hours going through the bookkeeping books and kept everything straight. I remember that she needed to be away for a week while she was in the hospital, and I needed to look through the books to find something. I was embarrassed to find out that I did not understand all the numbers and information. It was a good thing that I did not have to do any actual work in the books!

I did a little research online to find out about the program that my friend so highly recommended. A lot of sites explained what it does, but I wanted to know more about the meat and bones of it. So, I headed to a nearby bookstore to get a book on it. I wanted to learn about some of the functions and to see if they were something that I could handle. I also wanted to make sure it looked like I could even understand how to carry out the different functions.

Everything looked straight forward in the book that I bought. I felt safe enough that buying the software program would do what was necessary to help me keep the business running without needing to hire a bookkeeper right away.

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