Getting Service Remotely is Best for Us

As much as I wish that I could run my business without having to deal with the technical side of things, I just do not have that luxury. Nobody does these days, unless they do everything on paper only, as we all did just 30 years ago. My business partner explained recently that we need to have a backup server so that everything we have data-wise would remain safe.

I do not know the first thing about that kind of stuff, but I am the president of the company and I like to know where my money is going. So, I figured it was best if I pay attention and learn something.

Basically, he said that if the server that we have now goes down because of hackers, viruses or even due to lightning, we have to have a way to restore all our data if anything at all goes wrong. The amount of hours I have spent amassing details from all of our clients to keep them happy came to mind, and if we were to lose that data, it would affect the business on a monumental scale.

Using a remote company to handle the backing up would make it easy on us. We could instruct them to run the actual backing up daily or weekly. We would not have to remember to do it, as it would be done automatically for us. If it should be that we accidentally don’t pay a bill during any one month, this will not be a problem. They still have all your data on hand, so that as soon you pay your bill, everything will be up and running again within seconds.

As much as my business partner knows about technical things, he also does not have a lot of time to oversee these things himself at our location. Having all the work done remotely solves this issue quite nicely.

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