Found the Cable Company for Me

Allegiance cable was one of the first cable companies that I found on your website. Before I found your website I was leaning towards getting a satellite dish. My sister who lived in the country where they didn’t have cable had told me about her provider. But as I talked to my boyfriend, he told me about all the issues he had with his satellite television. Like when it stormed he would lose reception. I didn’t want that to happen to me when I was watching something important like Dancing with the Stars or a really great romantic comedy. I know it sounds silly, but I am a TV watcher. So I began to look for cable providers. I found there were a lot of big names, that I had heard of, but when I did searches on them many of their customers talked badly about their service and their whole experience with them. I started to think maybe a smaller provider would bring me more of a personal experience and I wouldn’t feel like a number.

I am so glad I did too, because not only did I get a great deal on the cable television, I got a great deal on my cable internet too. Something I definitely needed since I work out of my home and having a good internet connection is a must. Now that the new fall television shows have started I am so happy that I have a great cable provider that gives me fantastic HD quality television to watch. Some of the providers I had looked at wanted such a high price for allowing me to hook my HD television up to their service, I couldn’t believe their arrogance. It can be true that a larger company just thinks of you as a number and check in the mail, but a smaller company like Allegiance makes me feel like they actually care about my business.

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