Do Not Forget the Small Details when Traveling

When planning a honeymoon there were a few things that crossed my husband and I’s mind (hotel, food, and dates) and a few that did not cross our minds. When in Singapore, we thought we had thought of it all! When we got to the hotel, it was obvious we had forgotten transportation. We had to spend a few hours finding the best transportation services in Singapore.

This proved to be a very important thing we over looked. How could we have thought of weather conditions and not thought about how we would get to point A to point B? In the grand scheme of things doesn’t transportation seem to be something that should be of greater importance? It’s not like in New York City where you just can hop in a taxi and be on your way. I learned quickly (like New York City) some services are better than others.

Luckily for us, there was some other American’s who were often travelers to Singapore and helped us out tremendously! They took the time to tell me and my husband a few services that they rely on when they come to Singapore. They also were kind enough to give us a few “cheaper” options since we were on out honeymoon and might of wanted to keep some money for sight seeing or souvenirs. We also asked the hotel clerk and other workers there who were locals what service they recommended as the best. Both the locals and the travelers agreed on a few of the services and we were able to use them as transportation the whole trip!

In the end, it did all work out. A small oversight turned into a larger unforeseeable problem when we arrived. Thankfully, there were people who were able to help give good and honest opinions on a great transportation service. We rode in style and had a great driver as well! It goes to show, when planning a trip (especially something as important as your honeymoon) make sure you have all the bases covered and think outside the box on anything you might not think of!

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