Bed Bugs Were in My House

I am not one of those mothers who is terribly worried about germs or my kids watching scary movies, but I did get concerned when my son came home from spending the night at his friend’s house. He had taken his own sleeping bag, and I noticed how filthy it was when he brought it back. I had it laundered, but it was not too much later that I knew that we had a problem. I went online to investigate, and that is when I knew we needed an expert in bed bugs extermination in Montreal.

I am all about preserving life when possible. I don’t even eat meat because I don’t want to eat an animal. However, I did have to draw the line at bed bugs. I figured this might have been the case when I saw the tiny red marks on my son’s arms, and I was really concerned that they had spread beyond his sleeping bag. Even though the bag was only in his room for a few hours before it was cleaned, that is all that it took. I wanted to have an expert come out to make sure that we were not going to have a huge infestation of them.

I had read about the different treatment options for bed bugs, and I was okay with any and all of them. I understood that it was going to require more than one visit, which I was also okay with. I just wanted them out of my house for good. The person who came out was very knowledgeable about bed bugs, and he was able to start the preliminary treatment that day. He came out a few more times, and we have not had any problems with bed bugs again. I hope that I never do again, after this experience!

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