Standalone SignEdge Digital Signage Player

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What if you could turn any display into a powerful media tool and broadcast your ideas, products, and announcements to your entire audience.
What if you could immediately communicate with your audience any time you would like to and share information dynamically without having to wait for your printer to produce still images.
What if you could manage your content on your display using a web interface and schedule your content to appear any way you want to at any time. (Pause)
What if updating a digital signage player requires no knowledge at all. Posting and updating content will suddenly become easy and fun.
What if all of your solutions can be found in one device. You won’t have to worry amount monthly fees and other costs… You would also be able to connect to your display from anywhere at any time.
What if you could have a device that is so versatile, it can be used for virtually any industry. You can use it for retail stores, menu boards, restaurants, supermarkets, or even the government. You name the industry….the SignEdge player will find a solution!
What if you could customize your content any way you would like to using a user-friendly web interface. This interface will provide you with all you need to create layouts, upload files, and even allow for your audience to watch live TV.
What if you could make changes to your display in just seconds, with a powerful content creation engine which allows for you to create content and make modifications within a couple of seconds. It’s so easy to use and there is no need to sit around and wait for your content to upload.

Now, what if you could provide your customers with an option to use touch screen and enable quick and easy navigation using only the tip of a finger.
The SignEdge was built with you in mind. Use it to customize your message your way. Now is your chance to reach your audience and show what you can do for them.

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