3hacks : Raspberry Pi Screenly Digital Signage

Update (20 December) :

Video demonstrating Screenly at the estate agent :

Hope it helps

Update (24 November) :

The system has been installed at a small office. There is a 32 inch TV with raspberry pi and screenly ose providing the content for it. Here are the pics :

November 20

Recently been playing with the Pi. This little scenario is going to be deployed for one of the estate agencies here in Coventry – Cloud9Estates (not advertising or anything). A simple (very simple but effective) digital signage using the Screenly OSE. If your after a smooth video playback digital signage with no gaps please have a look at rpilooperv2 – I found it to be good. Didn’t work out of the box for me and I had to upgrade all of the packages and do some tweaking to get the video output + it did stop after the video finished playing. But I see alot of potential to add extra functionality to the looper – simple admin panel maybe / ability to feed the video of a samba share instead of the USB flash drive + mount the SD card read only like one of the IPE distros does. It is a very effective way of keeping your SD card alive. I found good results with a good PSU and a UPS. Maybe an overkill but it does the job.

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