Looking at the Cost of Buying This House

Right now I am looking at the fine details of the cost of buying this little house in Deer Park TX. I have to look at the entire picture in great detail. So I am looking at how much it would cost to get the power run to the house and I am looking here to see the options available, http://www.energyproviderstexas.com/stream-energy-texas/. The fact is that I do not use a lot of power where I am now, but for example if it turned out that my power bill were to double, then that would kill this plan. It is that close of a thing, or at least it is in the short term. In the long term this is going to be a great thing if I can do it. The entire thing is about a job, not one that I can definitely get, but one that I can compete for. » Read more

Rating the Energy Companies in Texas

Since, I am going to be moving to Texas, and have almost finished making all of the arrangements associated with buying a new house there, it seems like a good idea to try to figure out things associated with having a new house. One thing that is pretty high on my list of things to take care of, is just getting the electricity cut on, since that is one of the most basic needs in life. I want to try to find a list of all of the electric companies in texas that currently provide electricity to the part of the state.

I am aware that there are a number of such companies, that provide electricity to the area. It is more than I would have expected, coming from a state where there is only one electricity company per area. » Read more

Reliant Energy Pricing in Texas

I have had the same energy provider for close to 20 years, even though electricity companies were de-regulated in this state, and there are now a lot of different electricity companies that I have to choose from. It seems that it would be reasonable for me to try to look around, to see if I might be able to get a better rate, than what I am getting at this current point in time. I want to look into reliant energy right now, to find out more information about that company, and the prices that they offer for their electricity. I have heard that they are lower than what I am currently paying, form a neighbor of mine. » Read more

Santilli’s Invariant Derivation of Hubble’s Law Without Expansion of the Universe has been Confirmed at Five Recent Scientific Meetings

According to Hubbles law, the frequency of light from distant galaxies is shifted toward the red in a way proportional to their distance D, z = HD, where H is Hubble’s constant. Dr. J. V. Kadeisvili of the Institute for Basic Research and of the R. M. Santilli Foundation announces that Dr. R. M. Santilli’s invariant derivation of Hubble’s law without expansion of the universe has been confirmed at five recent scientific meetings (for links to the meetings visit http://www.santilli-foundation.org/Conf-2013-No-Univ-Exp.php).

Palm Harbor, FL (PRWEB) December 30, 2013

Dr. J. V. Kadeisvili of the Institute for Basic Research and of the R. M. Santilli Foundation announces that Dr. R. M. Santilli’s invariant derivation of Hubble’s law without expansion of the universe has been confirmed at five recent scientific meetings. Hubble’s law establishes that the frequency of light from distant galaxies is shifted toward the red in a way proportional to their distance D, z = HD, where H is Hubble’s constant. Doppler’s law establishes a frequency shift caused by speed v away from us, z ≈ v/c, where c is the speed of light, which shift suggested the interpretation of Hubble’s law via the expansion of the universe, z = HD ≈ v/c. Santilli’s has derived Hubble’s law z = HD via a new symmetry and has confirmed experimentally the redshift without relative motion due to the loss of energy by light to intergalactic media as first suggested in 1929 by F. Zwicky (for links to the meetings visit http://www.santilli-foundation.org/Conf-2013-No-Univ-Exp.php).

“Einstein’s special relativity is formulated via Lie’s theory with brackets [A, B] = AB – BA; Lie’s theory permits the construction of the Lorentz symmetry leaving invariant spacetime with metric m = Diag. (1, 1, 1, -1); the Lorentz symmetry predicts the Einstein/Doppler frequency shift due to speeds z ≈ ± v/c, with decrease (increase) of frequencies for speeds +v away from (-v toward) us; the physicists of the Manhattan Project promoted in the 1940’s the academic acceptance of the expansion of the universe via the Einstein/Doppler representation of Hubble’s law z = HD ≈ v/c,” Dr. Kadeisvili stated. “However, Hubble died without accepting such a conjecture because it implies the acceleration of trillions of galaxies with the increase of the distance in all possible ‘radial’ directions from Earth. To prevent a return to the Middle Ages with Earth at the center of the Universe. F. Zwicky suggested in 1929 that Hubble’s redshift is due to light losing energy to intergalactic gases without any expansion of the universe, but he was discredited by Einstein’s followers since Zwicky’s hypothesis implies the inapplicability of Einstein’s theories in the large scale structure of the universe (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tired_Light).”

“R. M. Santilli has honored Hubble’s and Zwicky’s view beginning with studies at the Department of Mathematics of Harvard Universe in the early 1980s under D.O.E. support.” Dr. Kadeisvili adds. “Santilli first achieved an isotopic (axiom-preserving) generalization of Lie’s theory with brackets [A, B]* = ATB – BTA where T is a positive-definite matrix (R. M. S., “Foundations of Theoretical Mechanics,” Vol. II, Springer, 1982). Santilli then achieved in 1983 the Lorentz-Santilli isosymmetry for propagation of light within physical media with metric m* = Tm leaving invariant the speeds of light C = c/n, where n is the index of refraction (R.M.S.,Lett. Nuovo Cimento Vol. 37, p.545, 1983); Santilli then showed that his isosymmetry characterized, uniquely and invariantly, the generalized law within physical media z ≈ ± (v/c)F(t, r, v, …) where F is a function of the medium characteristics; the expansion of this law as in the distance D yields the Doppler-Santilli isoshift law z ≈ ± v/c ± HD where the second term characterizes a redshift (blueshift) of light due to loss of energy to a cold medium (acquisition of energy from a hot medium) without any relative motion, called IsoRedShift (IsoBlueShift) (R.M.S., “Isotopic Lifting of Galileo and Einstein relativities for Interior dynamical Systems,” Intern. Acad. Press., 191); in 2010, Santilli confirmed experimentally the existence of IsoShifts for laser light and in 2011 established that the redness of the Sun at the horizon is entirely due to the IsoRedShift since the Doppler’s contribution is extremely small (R.M.S., Open Astronomy Journal Vol.3, p. 124, 2010); consequently, Santilli has achieved a unique, invariant and verified characterization of Hubble’s law from a primitive isosymmetry without universe expansion; note also the universal symmetry of Riemannian line elements (R.M.S., J. Moscow Phys. Soc. Vol. 3, p. 255, 1993); and the geometric invariant (rather then covariant)unification of general and special relativity (R.M.S., Int. J. Modern Phys. Vol.D7, p.351, 1998). (http://www.santilli-foundation.org/Confirm-No-Exp.php).

“Santilli has received numerous honors, including: the Gold Medal from the University of Orleans, France, in 1981; the nomination by the Estonia Academy of Sciences among the most illustrious applied mathematicians of all times; the prestigious Mediterranean Prize in 2007 that has also been granted to Hilary Clinton, Price Albert of Monaco , France President Nicolas Sarkozy, Juan Carlos King of Spain, and other famous people; the 2011 Nepal Scientific Prize; the Gran Cross of the St. Agata order in 2011, which is the highest honor granted by the Republic of San Marino; the Honorary Membership to the ICNAAM in 2011; the “ringing of the bell” at NASDAQ in 2012; hundreds of nominations for the Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry; an other honors (http://www.santilli-foundation.org/santilli-nobel-nominations.html).

J. V. Kadeisvili

Professor of Theoretical Physics

The Institute of Basic Research

CV: http://www.i-b-r.org//Kadeisvili-CV-12:13.pdf

Email: jvkadeisvili(at)gmail(dot)com

Celebrate Your Life to Its Fullest

Finding Quick Methods In toronto limo serviceWhen you’re throwing a party at a venue, you want to go all out. I did this for my birthday last year in Toronto, deciding that I wanted to do something a little bit different than what I typically had gone for (drinking heavily at bars) and sought out a venue that was open to rent for any sort of event that might come their way. I didn’t want to concern myself with expense, so I even had a toronto limo service pick up my friends and family for the night – one of the best choices that I made considering how incredibly, stupidly drunk we managed to become. A birthday party should be celebrated as if it is going to be your last, I have learned.

Clicking May Be a Good Thing

I wonder how many people get the urge to click on something whenever they see an advertisement on a website. I see them all the time, but I rarely do anything about them. Sometimes I will go to them out of curiosity, but most of the time they tend to be worthless. Sometimes I will find some hidden gems in these advertisements. I saw one the other day that was pretty interesting, and when I clicked on it, it took me to a website that featured deals on satellite television service.

I had satellite service for about 4 years, and it was alright, but it wasn’t the best service. There weren’t enough channels and the price wasn’t very cheap. It seemed like every year they increased the prices for their subscribers. » Read more

Insurance Rates Are Going Up

Car Form Insurance Online Quote UkAuto insurance rates just keep going up and up these days, you can not be certain where they will stop or start to decline. Your best bet is to just go ahead and get it now if you have been watiing, because it is just on the rise. No end in sight as far as I can see. I mean the last two years has been nothing but a disaster for the insurance market. They keep raising the rates without offering any degree of better service. It is so strange how they get away with such things, but it is to be entirely expected considering that every american is required to have insurance.

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