BTX and Gefen: Digital Signage Solutions

The concept is simple; mount a display or set up a kiosk in an area of high visibility and using the free, bundled software, create your content and load it on your player of choice. Watch and learn about Gefen’s Digital Signage solutions and how your business can profit from an additional revenue stream.

VizanSign – Best and Smart Digital Signage Singapore

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Digital Signage Advertising Network Business


Digital Signage Advertising Networks have become popular business ventures, as they require low investment and can be managed by an individual. They are perfect ‘Work From Home’ opportunities in a new developing market that is not yet crowded.

Digital Signage ‘Money Maker’ Advertising Network provides passive income with minimum effort, when compared to other work from home / small business concepts.

doPublicity Digital Signage and MaGlobe Advertising Network provides a turnkey solution fittingly named ‘Money Maker’. The solution covers technology, marketing, content creation, payment processing and reporting — all as a composite solution.

You can use our online calculator to estimate your network cost and estimated revenue:

SUU Student Center Digital Signage

This is an overview of the new digital signage system in the Sharwan Smith Student Center at Southern Utah University. I assisted in choosing the content delivery platform and physical hardware. Later, I created training videos to allow the student association to manage the system themselves.

Clinique Digital Signage in Macy’s NYC

Clinique uses a horizontal ribbon of multi-paneled digital signage screens above the cosmetics counter in Macy’s New York City. They feature a mixture of product, animation, and lifestyle videos. Subscribe to our channel for digital signage videos and make sure to check out the website –

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