VITEC’S EZ TV IPTV and Digital Signage Platform a Grand Slam for Kansas City Royals

VITEC EZ TV IPTV and Digital Signage Sports Venue Solution and MGW Nano end-points were successfully installed at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. As part of revitalizing its video streams and signage content at the Kansas City Royals’ stadium, the team selected VITEC’s field-proven, award-winning platform to centrally manage and stream HD, ultra-low latency video feeds and to create eye-catching signage throughout the venue.

“While Kauffman Stadium is one of baseball’s most beloved ballparks, hardware instability and restricted campaign creativity were limiting an otherwise extraordinary fan experience,” said Brian Himstedt, senior director, information systems at Kansas City Royals. “We selected VITEC’s EZ TV IPTV and Digital Signage Sports Venue Solution because it delivers incredibly reliable and high-quality, low-latency streams and digital signage creation tools that support our goal of making each game unforgettable. We’re able to get more use out of our screens, which adds value and a new dynamic that we didn’t have before.”

VITEC’s EZ TV platform cost-effectively meets all of the team’s requirements and more. Offering unparalleled value and performance while using existing IP infrastructure, EZ TV is the industry’s first broadcast-grade solution that combines IPTV distribution with powerful digital signage capabilities into an all-in-one integrated platform. EZ TV‘s flexible, open architecture is ideal for the ever-changing video, marketing, and sales requirements of today’s sports venues. EZ TV seamlessly integrates with existing network environments and can manage any type of video content including streams generated by third-party encoders with proven reliability, superb video quality, and under one second of delay streaming 1080p full HD content to any screen — TVs, PCs and mobile devices.

EZ TV makes each display an asset. As a result, fans can enjoy the game and other video footage when out of their seats without feeling like they’re missing the action. For suite owners, the automatically updated electronic program guide and video-on-demand capability provides access to nonlinear content that cannot be seen in homes.

With EZ TV’s extensive digital signage capabilities, system operators can quickly create eye-catching digital signs as well as dynamically update menu boards integrated to POS vendors. Using VITEC’s cost-effective, high-performance end-point behind the display, operators can turn any screen in the network into a new monetary opportunity. This eliminates the cost of needing two separate media players for video streaming and digital signage, or having to switch players to change the screen’s functionality to keep costs low. The onboard administration and analytics tools also empower the organization with campaign information vital to pulling in untapped revenue streams. “The Kansas City Royals team is a renowned institution in baseball that is tightly intertwined with the city and fans. They needed a robust IPTV solution that reflected the team’s commitment to a high-quality and exciting fan experience,” said Joe Walsh, national sales manager, sports and entertainment venues, at VITEC. “Using VITEC’s EZ TV IPTV & Signage Sports Venue Solution, they have an affordable, scalable, and top-of the-line platform that allows them to stream live game feeds and create digital signage campaigns that will keep fans engaged and generate new revenue opportunities. We couldn’t be more honored to be a part of their legacy of keeping that dynamic thriving well into the future.”

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How to Use Powerpoint for Digital Signage

Our presentation on how PowerPoint can be used for digital signage.

– Why PowerPoint is excellent for digital signage
– Tips on creating your digital signage in PowerPoint
– Discussion of hardware options
– How you can connect PowerPoint to automatically updating data, news, weather, sports and other sources

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รีวิว Shuttle NS02A : Android Box for Digital Signage

เทปนี้เราอยู่กับอีกหนึ่งอุปกรณ์ที่จำเป็นในยุคดิจิตอล สำหรับผู้ที่ทำสื่อโฆษณา ประเภท Digital Signage นั่นเอง .. ตัวนี้จะเป็น Android Box จากค่าย Shuttle ในชื่อรุ่นว่า NS02A หรือที่รู้จักกันในนาม Shuttle XPC nano System ซึ่งตัวนี้เน้นออกแบบมาให้ใช้งานง่าย ติดตั้งง่าย ด้วยระบบปฏิบัติการที่เป็น Android พร้อม Application ที่อำนวยความสะดวกแก่การติดตั้ง Digital Signage / ทางด้านประสิทธิภาพนั้นก็จะประมวลผลด้วย CPU Rockchip RK3368 ส่วน Storage นั้นก็สามารถติดตั้ง SSD หรือ HDD ได้ที่มีความหนาไม่เกิน 7mm

NoviSign Digital Signage for Educational Institutions – A Great Way To Learn!

NoviSign offers a unique, easy to use and operate Digital Signage System designed especially for educational institutions of all types: Elementary Schools, High Schools, Colleges and Universities. Upgrade the learning experience by adding informative and interactive screens, allowing you to publish and convey information quickly, efficiently and effortlessly.
Manage your content and posts from any browser and any device and run it on any screen connected to Android/ Windows/ Chrome player. Whether you have one screen or multiple screens at various locations, NoviSign system allows you to update as many screens as you wish from anywhere. Schedule your screens to change automatically – choose what content to display, how often, on which date and what time. Use our pre-designed education templates designed especially for educational institutions, just insert your content and you are ready to go!
Want to hear more about our informative education screens?

How To: Build a Cheap Alternative to Digital Signage. Mount an LCD TV in Portrait Mode.

This video displays a brief overview of our current digital signage set-up. I was looking to find an alternative to expensive “all in one” digital signs. The products used to achieve this alternative are listed below…

– Samsung LN40B500P3F 40″ LCD TV
– AVF LCD554PB LCD Mount
– Mediasonic HM5 media player

Many 40″ LCD TVs have a 400mm x 400mm square VESA pattern. Thus the pattern supports mounting in portrait mode. I have used a universal articulating mount and simply flipped the TV.

The video that we display is simply a video file constructed on its side. It is being played by a Mediasonic HM5 media player. This media player plays many popular video formats. It is a low power alternative to running a computer alongside our LCD. It simply loops the video file 24 hours a day.

I will have a video review of the Mediasonic HM5 in the near future.

Transform your graphics to digital signs

Make more out of your finished graphics! In this training session, CorelDRAW® specialist and trainer Suzanne Smith shows you how to turn traditional images and vector artwork into eye-catching videos for digital signage. The workflow she covers includes:
– Using layered images from Corel PaintShop® Pro X6 to create HTML 5 videos with animated graphics and active hotspots,
– Taking a poster design created in CorelDRAW X6 and exporting elements out for animating in Corel VideoStudio® Pro X6,
– Creating stunning animated text objects using Corel MotionStudio 3D and importing them into our VideoStudio X6 project.
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Please watch: “CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 – Video Tour”


Beyond Websites: Using Drupal For Digital Signs

Drupal 8 can power experiences beyond the traditional web. As more data rich APIs become available, Drupal can be used to accumulate data, identify a variety of devices in an Internet of Things network and then route data to the appropriate places.

Given Drupal’s own rich content management capabilities, the CMS can still be utilized to enhance this datastream – making it that much more relevant based on location, language or any other metadata stored in it. In this presentation we will demonstrate how to use Drupal 8 to power a real-time signage system and discuss the techniques to build your own!

What’s Covered:

Responsive Techniques to support different display sizes.

ADA rules around public signage. We’re not just talking WCAG/508 anymore!

How to rebroadcast data from other sources.

Data Delivery Methods: Push and Pull models.

Sizing and Scaling your network of Signs.

Fault tolerance on your Kiosk.

Why even use Drupal to power a sign?

Digital Signage Expo 2016

Digital Signage Expo is the world’s largest international trade show and educational conference dedicated to digital display, interactive technology and digital communications networks. This video visits a few of the 200 exhibitors at the trade show portion of Digital Signage Expo..

Easy, Affordable Digital Signs with WordPress – WPCampus Online – WordPress in Higher Education

You can learn more about this session on the WPCampus Online website at

Session Description:
Learn how to set up low-cost, easy-to-maintain digital signs using WordPress, an HD-TV, and a Chromebit. Greg will demonstrate a custom-built WordPress theme (available on GitHub), as well as present other available options for building digital signs with WordPress. He will also present a handful of WordPress plugins that make it easy to pull information from many existing sources for display on your digital sign.

Greg Marshall

Chrome Digital Signage Solution

Take a look at the benefits of using Chrome solutions for Digital Signage. We pitted a new Aopen Chromebox against a competitor device. Watch the video and find out the results! Visit and find your Digital Signage and Chrome solutions today!

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Digital Signs Direct Portable LED sign trailer

The new 10’x5′ outdoor portable LED sign trailer allows you to market any type of business anywhere without the commitment of a high priced permanent sign on a foundation. Visit

These LED signs are for businesses and churches alike. Wherever there is traffic, there is an opportunity to get your message seen. Don’t let the high cost of the other guys slow you down. Check out the best deal in outdoor led signage at and see why business owners across the country are loving the fast roi of Digital Signs Direct LED portable LED sign trailers.

These offer a temporary solution to your marketing problems. Save your newspaper, magazine, radio, and tv budget. Put these funds in marketing that works! On premise LED signage is today’s most effective solution to driving in new customers to your retail or religious facility.

Don’t get burned by advertising that doesn’t work. Rent or lease an outdoor digital led sign trailer from DSD USA and see how effective this portable technology can be!

*Not available in CA
For another video of our 3’x6′ 10mm outdoor LED scrolling sign message board, installed on a roof, click the link

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