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Why Digital Signage is an essential marketing tool

Over the last decade, digital Signage has been used to build and promote the brand image and products of companies.

Today, it is an important marketing strategy, essential in communicating product information.

Companies use digital signage to effectively draw the attention of a large number of potential customers, or to a specific target audience through attractive display signs.

A few reasons why Digital Marketing is an essential and effective marketing tool are
-Extensive Target Audience Reach
-Attractive Grabbing Tool
-Social Media Promotion

Extensive Reach – Digital Signage in Public places like restaurants and other places with a lot of footfall, help brands reach a larger target audience with ease.

Flexibility- Portable digital signs and technology interactive signs help with easy information mobility. Scanning codes to access information provide potential customers retain information for longer periods.

Attractive Marketing Tool- Digital Signage is an attractive means of getting brand and product-related information across to large audiences. Unlike billboards, digital signs can be reprogrammed to display different ads with ease at any time.

Social Media Promotion – Companies can use digital signage to promote their social medial profiles and make an immediate connection with their potential clients.
Digital Signage is ever-changing, with new and more attractive ways of getting the attention of viewers, promoting products, enhancing a company’s brand image, and introducing new products.
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TDM Digital signage – Narrowcasting Software

Digital signage is a digital technology that uses screens to replace traditional (print) media. Screens are utilised to provide targeted information, entertainment and advertising. The focus is always on sending the right content with the right advertising on the right screen at the right time to the right viewer. It doesn’t get any more efficient than that. The communications span a broad spectrum of media ranging from a nameplate to a mega screen in a stadium, from an iPad to a building front and from a digiboard to holographic projection.

It is totally now because we are living in the screen age!!

Digital signage is in perfect step with today’s experience economy. Targeted, high-impact, flexible, fast and simple.

Brand Standards for Digital Signage

What brand standards should you consider when you’re creating visual content for digital signs? Make sure you think about these tips so that your brand impression is consistent across all platforms!

Another way to ensure your messaging is consistent is to use a digital signage system that can connect to tools you already use like Outlook, Google Docs, and more! To find out how strategic and connected Visix can make your communications, stop by

LG 98LS95D Digital Signage

Airwave Europe – Digital Signage Portfolio

The award winning 98LS95D delivers superior 3840 x 2160 resolution in a 16:9 aspect ratio and boasts four times the resolution of Full HD displays.

The display, with a bezel width of just 14.6mm at its thinnest point, may be mounted in portrait or landscape mode for a wide range of commercial applications. Its optimized SoC has powerful performance to play various content and its webOS platform allows signage software developers to install and run their software in a more simplified solution.

These giant edge-lit LED displays offer an attractive alternative to traditional tiled video walls as for example, the 98-inch class model is equivalent to a 2×2 49-inch class array.

Digital Signage – Shelf Vision Multi LCD Lines for POS

Interactive POS Retail LCD Innovation – Shelf Vision

Using digital signs in environments like retail has many features and benefits not offered by static displays and signage. Dynamic digital signage can grab a customer`s attention and influence their purchasing decision right at the point of purchase. Project interactive product information with full-motion video, sound and text.

Also digital signs are instant and offer the ability to easily and quickly change contant immediately for various products or particular customers.

Until now, digital shelf edge promotion has been limited by the technology available, with displays either being too large, too power hungry or lacking in intelligence. Display Solution designed an unprecedented digital TFT LCD product based on future technologies and longtime experience in all Display markets.

Display Solution AG – Digital Signage Product Range
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LED digital sign for your vehicle rear window

Advertise your business with the most effective tool available, your own LED digital sign. Use it in your vehicle, can be removed and used inside your business as well.
Can be seen from hundreds of feet away, controlled by remote control. Can display images, videos, hundreds of effects and fonts pre-loaded in the sign.
Contact us for more information: 1-855-534-6334 www.LED-Media.US

Digital Signage for Healthcare

Watch how NoviSign cloud based digital signage solution for healthcare can help your team at any hospital or clinic.

Do you want to learn more? Visit our website at

When people are in your waiting room – all they do is stare at a screen… So why not engage them with your own screens? NoviSign lets you create beautiful, dynamic, interactive screens in any hospital, practice or clinic using any type of screen or player, with zero installation. Build exciting & fresh live streams with easy to use drag and drop components such as: educational dynamic messages and videos, healthy tips and reminders, vital news and information; Update office hours and promotions of new staff and services; Keep your staff in the know with scheduling, internal stats on performance improvement, event updates and pictures. And the best part? You can automatically connect NoviSign with any RFIDs sensors, menus, way finding and much more!

NoviSign – A Healthy Approach to Patient Engagement

Interactive Digital Concierge Advertising Empire Digital Signs

Interactive Digital Concierge Advertising by Empire Digital Signs. Our concierge boards are placed in strategic hotels and locations throughout the city of Rochester. This gives local businesses the opportunity to reach an audience that is particularly difficult to contact- out of town guests. The Interactive Digital Concierge allows users to access information specific to Rochester, as opposed to weeding through information on the world-wide web.

Adding Rochester visitor patronage to your sales is purely incremental business. The Digital Concierges are also very effective at attracting local consumers when they are attending meetings, events, and social activities at these high traffic locations.

Learn more about Interactive Digital Concierge Advertising contact Empire Digital Signs today at 585-458-6087 or visiting our website at

Digital signage solution with videos and PowerPoint. Easy to manage.

Create a play list of multimedia files like images, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and video files. Manage your calendar and assign play lists to remote players. The iPoint software will copy the files locally and will start playback at the correct time. Use the scheduler application to monitor your system with life thumbnails.
A wonderful way to manage your multimedia files
Considering the fact that, most of us are avid PowerPoint users and there are many reasons to support our debate as well. Many office users or officials who wish to give presentations would tackle the main application of Microsoft Office to design and run their movies or ideas on a bigger platform so that they could show what they are trying to interpret.
At times, one would think it necessary to have a program which could manage multimedia files not only on his computer but also on other computers and other far locations without the troubling motive of moving around.
IPoint is Microsoft PowerPoint software which helps you to organize your media files into one place. You can also categorize each file differently just by using this software as this allows you to personalize your media capably for other computers, making it easy for you to provide prime presentations anytime with any time of media.
iPoint is such software which many people have been turning to considering it the prime solution of their woes. If put in simpler words, iPoint tends to save your time by copying your most important and required files and assembling them differently for various purposes. These files may either be run on a television related to a flashing headline on the news or some may also be saved for future purposes.
This purpose would help you to send your files to other prime locations which would run simply by a handler with a remote. IPoint digital signage has been visualizing the world in the different sense with its ‘copy’ and ‘providing data of your selected and formed playlists at other locations by itself’. IPoint would support any such file format inclusive of the JPG and the video formats as well.
Buy your license now and you get the server and one scheduler for free. The updates are free and no recurrent fees are charged. So why you are waiting for? Purchase your copy form PresentationPoint.

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Why laminate digital signs and full colour vehicle graphics

Full colour outdoor digital signs and vehicle graphics should be laminated if you want solvent ink to last. This simple demonstration shows how much more robust laminated signage is compared to exposed solvent printed signage. This signage was produces on a Roland Versacamm with Eco Solvent ink on digital vinyl. The liquid used is mildly soapy water. The grey fine grade scotch polishing pad is only very slightly abrasive. I used it to simulate the effect of normal vehicle-washing over time and abrasion commercial vehicles will encounter when a bit dirt is mixed in with washing. ie Normal circumstances!

Testimonial for Digital Signage: Serious BBQ- FASTSIGNS®

Digital signs combine video, graphics, sound, text and animation to get your message to the right audience, at the right time. Utilizing digital signs as part of your marketing solution can boost sales, offer a high return on investment (ROI) and ultimately lead to greater customer satisfaction. Learn how Serious Texas BBQ uses digital signage to better inform and engage with customers, while spreading their marketing messages and further bolster their brand integrity.

FASTSIGNS® offers three types of digital sign solutions to meet your visual communication needs: a simple “plug and play” option, a web-based system and a custom, multi-faceted enterprise solution. To learn more about digital kiosks, as shown in this video, go to

S: We’ve had Serious Texas for about 10, 11 years now.
J: It started out with an old man and his wife named Cook and Julia Swanson, and they built a couple wagons in Texas and dragged em up here behind their truck and started on the side of the road.
S: Oh, we have 5 locations now.
J: In the past we’ve always had static signs; they are kind of all over the place and a little, jumbled.
J: Just trying to reduce the amount of clutter we had around here was one of the reasons that we moved to the sign, and then to be able to just update things without having to have new signs built and that kind of thing. We can just kinda get a hold of you guys, have a new slide made, and bam it’s there.
S: We had so much information that we wanted to give to the public about our products and services, and this is one way we could do it efficiently.
S: They are sitting there and watching our sign, and going through all our locations, all of our food, all of our products that we offer, holiday specials, turkeys, gift cards, so it’s been very useful.
S: Our day to day effort is very effortless. We don’t do a whole lot with it, we’re just a phone call away, and anything can be changed, updated to the satisfaction of what we need.
J: Well, what we’ve noticed since we’ve had the sign is that the items that we are trying to push, are selling more at this location than the other locations.
J: People are buying more food for parties, that’s one of the slides.
S: And also our holiday turkeys are really taking off too, something we push for Christmas and Thanksgiving. They’ve really taken off, because they can see a visual of the actual turkey that we’re selling. So they can see how big and moist it is.
J: And it’s all shiny and clean, and pretty looking.

Digital Signage Hallenstadion – Making of

Im Februar 2014 wurde die rundum Erneuerung des digitalen Werbe- und Informationssystems im Hallenstadion in Zürich abgeschlossen. Als Technikpartner der Venue war Habegger in der Verantwortung als Gesamtprojektleiterin. Dazu zählte die Konfektion, Installation, vollständige Implementierung und Inbetriebnahme sämtlicher Soft- und Hardware, sowie die Koordination aller Lieferanten und Partner.

Das CMS (Content Management System) hinter dieser neuen Lösung bietet jede Menge Komfort für eine flexible Nutzung. Egal, ob für Werbung, als Informationskanal oder für real-time-Inhalte — das neue Digital Signage System macht das Hallenstadion Zürich zu einer noch attraktiveren Eventlocation.

Sämtliche 200 Bildschirmanzeigen in der Halle und in den Aussenräumen können individuell gesteuert werden – sowohl in Gruppen, als auch einzeln. Jede Inhaltsanzeige ist zeitlich vorprogrammierbar. Vier externe Live-Inputs können z.B. für Live-Kamerabilder aus dem In-House-Entertainmenttool genutzt werden und es steht die gesamte Palette von Swisscom TV live zur Verfügung. Die Steuerung des Systems ist browserbasierend, also von überall zugänglich. Ein integriertes Grafiktool für Contentplanung und -design gibt Autoren komfortable Möglichkeiten.

Samsung: Display und CMS (Magic Info)
Swisscom: TV und Netzwerk
UMB: IT Infrastruktur
Burkhalter: Installation Elektro

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