Digital signage supports mobilcom-debitel transformation

mobilcom-debitel approached 15 companies, before finally selecting a Scala solution delivered by partner TopRed Media. The solution was chosen for its flexibility and great capacity for future expansion. Working with TopRed Media and South African graphics company Ethniks Systems, mobilcom-debitel has rolled out a country-wide digital signage network, powered by Scala, across 375 of its stores across Germany.

Scala technology, including templates and a content management system, is used to drive nearly 500 displays and players. All stores run a single display at the cashier area and in 180 of the stores, an additional window touchscreen display, managed via Scala player software, has been added in the shop window to promote the retailer’s energy solutions.

3hacks : Raspberry Pi home made Digital Signage system

I somehow got stuck on the Raspberry Pi platform recently. Having lots of free time on my hands I’ve developed a first version of my own digital signage system. It still requires work but overall its working just fine. It has a simple web interface to manage the pi services and settings. It can work with an external USB flash drive or without it (in the ideal world it would have one tho). I’m using a modified IPE debian distro on it with some of my own changes to accommodate apache and other services (IPE is a read only distro with a switch to be writeable when needed to make changes). With that distro I had only good results. I never had a corrupted SD card (had a system with 91 days uptime). It also could be the fact that I’m using an expensive 5.25V 2A power supply for the Raspberry Pi (avoid using smartphone charges for any serious projects). This particular solution is using a centralized server to fetch the content ! It would be ideal for a workplace where there are 10 screens that need to be managed. I deployed a digital signage solution recently (1 monitor) using Screenly OSE and it works great !! It is a fun project for me. Maybe I should fork this project and create a web based system to manage a Pi on its own. Most of the features needed for that are already coded….

Streaming Video in Digital Signage Using AMX’s h.264 Encoders

– Digital Signage is a great way to share messages in a dynamic and interesting way. AMX H.264 Encoders allow you to incorporate live video from sources such as cameras or television receivers into any digital signage system that supports streaming video. By adding an AMX Encoder to your digital signage installation, you can easily have a window streaming live news or a company all hands meeting to displays throughout your facility. It is compatible with AMX Inspired Signage products or signage players that support streaming video. Get more value from your signage investment with AMX Video Encoders.

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Digital Signage for Hospitals

Digital Signage for Hospitals

Digital signage for hospitals includes wayfinding applications that can direct visitors from point to point within the hospital, thus making it easier and speedier to find a check-in area, a patient’s room, the cafeteria, etc.

The status of a patient can be seen digitally in real time, thus alleviating stress and uncertainty experienced by relatives during a procedure or surgery being performed on a loved one.

Digital signage can improve communication between doctors, nurses, technicians, administrators, and other employees of the hospital.

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CEATEC 3M Digital Signage

Digital signage by 3M offers rear projection screens made of super-thin flexible plastic film, can be cut to any size or shape to create free standing moving images.

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Digital Signage for Education

A TV channel for your school! Display school news, teachers’ updates, welcome messages and more – at multiple screens throughout your school or Academy chain!

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