Digital Signage for Hospitals

Digital Signage for Hospitals

Digital signage for hospitals includes wayfinding applications that can direct visitors from point to point within the hospital, thus making it easier and speedier to find a check-in area, a patient’s room, the cafeteria, etc.

The status of a patient can be seen digitally in real time, thus alleviating stress and uncertainty experienced by relatives during a procedure or surgery being performed on a loved one.

Digital signage can improve communication between doctors, nurses, technicians, administrators, and other employees of the hospital.

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CEATEC 3M Digital Signage

Digital signage by 3M offers rear projection screens made of super-thin flexible plastic film, can be cut to any size or shape to create free standing moving images.

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Digital Signage for Education

A TV channel for your school! Display school news, teachers’ updates, welcome messages and more – at multiple screens throughout your school or Academy chain!

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