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Turn your television into your most powerful marketing asset with Branded TV. Combine live HDTV and digital signage on a single TV screen. You can now grab your patient’s attention while they are watching TV in your waiting room and exam rooms.

Just recently we started offering our Branded TV digital signage solution to dental practices. Branded TV is our own proprietary digital signage solution that allows us to combine live TV and digital signage on the same screen. We developed Branded TV because so many businesses are already using tvs in their businesses and waiting rooms. This applies to car dealerships, health clubs, sports bars, auto repair shops, medical practices, and dentist offices.

Recently we installed Dental TV in Dr. Larry Honigman’s office in Hartsdale, NY. Having unsuccessfully tried to use dental educational programming on the tv in his waiting room, he was looking for another way to communicate with his patients while they were in his waiting room.

What Dr. Honigman liked about Branded TV was it didn’t replace the TV content that his patients enjoy watching but rather enhances the experience by allowing patients to learn more about his practice, while watching tv. Kelly Condo, Dr. Honigman’s office manager also mentioned that patients weren’t looking at the brochures displayed throughout the waiting room. Branded TV allows you to get this information in front of your patients, while eliminating all of the clutter.

“Signpost has quickly become an invaluable addition to our office’s internal marketing. Finally questions are being asked about new procedures and services. This is an ease to implement, it is a powerful and efficient means of communicating with your patient.”

Larry S. Honigman, D.D.S.

Signagelive Digital Signage Introduction

Signagelive — cloud based digital signage service

Digital Signage is everywhere; from schools and colleges to the worlds largest retailers; printed messages are being replaced with digital screens.

Signagelive is a digital signage service, taking care of all technical matters, allowing you to focus on delivering messages to your viewers.

Just log in to Signagelive from a web-browser to upload and edit your media, turn your media into playlists and publish your digital media to one or thousands of screens.

Signagelive provides you with all the tools you need to monitor and report on your screens in one place, giving you total peace of mind.

And when you need help or have a question, our team are online and waiting to assist you.

All this with straight forward pricing and unrivalled support.

For more information visit and fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you.

Signagelive — the cloud-based digital signage service.

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