Digital Signage Transparent LCD: Beverage Cooler Demo

Digital Signage Expo 2014 @ Sands Expo Center
Digital Signage Transparent LCD displays have come down to the price point where you will start to see these sexy full video digital beverage and freezer doors in your local grocery or mini-mart. The LED lighting on the side of the doors (which make the image visible) turns off when the door is opened, as to not blind you when you grab your beer. While it could be a little over the top, it beats taping paper cards inside the door covering the view of the products they are highlighting.

Digital Signage Synchronized Video Wall by 11Giraffes

11Giraffes offers a new way to build eye-catching video walls that scale in shape and size, creating the ultimate visual experience. Our synchronized video wall solution is created by tiling over 200 displays in any shape or configuration. Traditional video walls scale content across displays. This reduces video quality and restricts the experience to standard aspect ratios. However, 11Giraffes synchronized video walls support full HD quality video on every display, and may be tiled to create shapes that simply cannot be ignored.

-Up to 1920×1080 resolution video on every display
-Landscape, portrait and even angled orientations
-Synchronize over 200 displays with PC media players
-Synchronize up to 50 Samsung Smart Signage Platform displays
-Manage your video wall using the same great 11Giraffes software used for your other digital signage

Digital Signage Solutions for Government/Military

From GovComm 2012, watch this demo of our Inspired Signage Digital Signage solutions being used in government and military facilities, installations and operations around the world. For complete details on all our government and military solutions, just visit

Watch other individual videos in this series by going to our GovComm 2012 Playlist:

Digital signage in hotel lobby

Display your corporate video, images, whether information and many other live feeds from the internet via the digital signage solution.

For more information on how to get started with your own digital signage, call us at 03-7848 5837 or email us at We are here to assist you.

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