Digital Sign Service – Book Meeting in Outlook for display on Modulex Facility View Sign

Digital Sign Service is a Microsoft Outlook and Exchange integrated digital signage system for meeting rooms and offices allowing you to seamlessly integrate your digital signs with the Microsoft platform. Book a meeting and a meeting room in Outlook® and it will be displayed on the digital sign outside the appropriate meeting room automatically. If the meeting room is available, book directly at the door and the meeting room is automatically booked in Outlook®. It’s that easy!

With Digital Sign Service, you are able to see if the room is in use, overview the days upcoming meetings, book a meeting directly at the door sign, extend a meeting directly at the door sign and end a meeting at the door sign.

Take full advantage of your current messaging platform by integrating your meeting rooms with Exchange and Outlook®. Combine your booking efforts with improved information sharing within your company.

Digital Sign Service can be static or interactive and the concept consists of

• Digital Sign Service software that links Microsoft Outlook® meetings to screens

Hardware — a flexible choice:
•Modulex’ high quality 10″ screens with a hardware based interactive solution
•Virtually any computer / tablet running Windows 7
•Android and iPad support coming soon

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