Digital Sandwich Board Outdoor digital signage display

Stop traffic with this fun, sunlight readable outdoor digital signage display. Weatherproof, waterproof, high-bright monitor with USB port for easy content updates. Unit folds up and easily rolls into position. Great for retailers, restaurants, food trucks or anyone wanting to stop walk-by traffic. Visit for more info!

OCCC – Westwood Lobby Digital Signage

The impressionable Westwood Lobby has a new feature that you can’t miss. A digital sign, encompassing the entire length of the wall is now in place and it runs 24/7/365.

The welcoming display stands at 5 feet tall and is 175 feet wide supported by LED lighting in a high definition format of 1200 by 220 pixels.

The primary purpose of the sign is wayfinding, and for welcoming guests to the OCCC. However, the signage has the capability for clients to purchase ad space to enhance their show.

The signs can be purchased individually (5’ x 30’) or may purchase the entire 175’. If interested, clients may inquire through Smart City.

Digital Signage Advertising Network – Ads placed with actual TV Content

– Now you can provide direct digital signage advertising to customers using the very same TV screen with ads placed at the bottom and side of the screen. Best of all, establishments share in the ad revenue from the sale and display of each ad, allowing each restaurant, bar, hotel, etc the ability to add a significant extra stream of income without lifting a finger!

Digital Signage represents a powerful new local advertising media that is proving to be highly effective in delivering customers to your business.

Advancements in High Definition plasma screen display units and new software have greatly enhanced the cost effectiveness and lasting impact of Digital Signage advertising. This is one of the fastest growing components of the technology sector moving up from nearly zero in 2004 to more than $6.97 Billion in 2011 with 20% annual projected growth.

Digital signage advertising is expected to experience double digit growth. Nielsen’s “Fourth Screen Network Audience Report” notes that digital screens in the US have generated over 237 million monthly exposures to persons 18+ years or older.

Digital signage electronic displays combine images and text presentations to show information, advertising and other messages. Digital signs use large professional quality LCD, LED and plasma display monitors or projected images that are placed in public and private environments. Digital signage target advertising display areas include:

Waiting Areas, Retail Stores, Corporate and Government Buildings, Schools, Hospitals, Transportation Facilities, Bars and Resturants

A major benefit of digital signage over traditional static signs is that the content is updated frequently. Videos, animations and dynamic content captivate the audience. The sign can adapt to the audience, and even be designed to be interactive with Kiosk functionality.

Digital signage advertising provides direct access to specific captive audiences that are usually high on the target demographic scale. It features vivid, full color, multiple impressions per hour presentation with extremely high recall rates. Digital signage offers superior return on your investment (ROI) compared to traditional printed signs.

Please contact us at for information on incorporating these services into your business advertising programs.

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