Social Media Wall: Interactive Digital Signage for Retail and Other Consumer-Facing Locations

Social Media Wall is interactive digital signage that combines consumer-generated social media with traditional marketing content. The client curates the social media content onto the Wall via an administrative website. The result is an ever-changing, colorful collage of shared experiences that immediately catches the attention of visitors!

The most convincing advertising is seeing others buying and using a product. Social Media Wall creates a unique opportunity for consumers to join the conversation! The Wall inspires enthusiasm, encourages involvement and moves consumers further along in their decision making process.

Banks and Finance Digital Signage – Moving Tactics

Banks use X2O as an efficient and effective solution that not only informs customers of services and promotions within the branch – but also act as a form of entertainment, decreasing perceived wait times and ensuring consistent corporate communications and training. One of the most important benefits of bank digital signage is the ability to provide continuously updated and relevant information at strategic times of the day. X2O is the perfect solution to install around waiting areas, behind your tellers, transactional kiosks, and in the drive-through lines.

ScreenBox – Digital Signage using Dropbox & Chromecast

ScreenBox enables you to turn television screens into digital signs using your mobile phone & Dropbox account

ScreenBox is a simple mobile app that helps you turn any Screen into a Digital Sign using your Dropbox account.

With ScreenBox you can display and control videos, pictures, PDF presentations and HTML files automatically across multiple screens. And it only takes 2 minutes to setup!

To get started, just install the app on your phone, connect Dropbox, select your screens and start casting!

You can easily add and organise your content in playlist folders on Dropbox, it’s that simple!

ScreenBox supports a whole range of media players like Google Chromecast and Apple TV as well as the major Smart TV brands like Samsung and LG. You can even use it to display content on your Windows PC or Mac. (we also support other devices such Amazon Fire TV and Android TV)

And unlike most digital signage systems, ScreenBox does not require any custom hardware in order to run.


Ruse Public School LED Sign, 2400 x 960 P10 Full Colour.

Please contact Octopus Australia for a quote or design on 02 8517 5111. Please email us OR alternatively you can download our latest 2015 School LED signs brochure here


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