Digital signage for Ikea — retail digital signs

Scala, Inc., the leading supplier of end-to-end digital signage software solutions, announced today that IKEA, the leading functional home furnishing products company, has inaugurated its in-store digital signage network utilizing Scala.

Beaver Solutions, a Scala Certified Partner, delivered the installation of all the key components for IKEA TV. The objective of IKEA TV in the initial phase is to promote the “Hero” product line, to be soon complemented with other initiatives including “Welcoming Customers to the store,” “How to shop” and “How to plan an IKEA Kitchen.”

“Beaver Solutions is proud to have been selected to provide a brand new digital signage system for Sweden’s most famous export,” said Barry Thurston, Chairman Beaver Group.

Throughout the UK, 14 stores have been equipped with Scala software to distribute 8 separate channels of content to screens distributed throughout the store in key locations. Each IKEA store uses an average of 8 screens, placed at selected points-of-purchase.

Phase 2 of the IKEA TV Network will see 3 of the stores add 10 additional channels and an excess of 20 screens per store. Phase 3 will expand the digital signage network with the remaining 11 IKEA stores after an evaluation process.

“When complete, IKEA TV could well be broadcasting 250 channels managed by over a hundred Scala licenses,” adds Barry Thurston.

Each screen will show a new character developed by IKEA, appearing in a number of animations crafted by IKEA to deliver a specific message to its shoppers. This content is displayed to visitors as they journey through the store. Diversified content including product videos and local store messages is shown, with message variety planned to increase in the future.

Scala was selected among a number of software applications due to its unrivaled control of all areas of the playback at each screen and centralized control via Scala Content Manager. One of the key requirements from IKEA was to provide both local and national control of chosen content, allowing staff in each store nationwide to change messages at a moments notice.

Content is managed centrally by IKEA with Beaver Solutions’ support, thus enabling IKEA to update any screen in the network via a web-based content management suite.

“IKEA TV is a very exciting project to plan and develop. We are privileged to count on our partner Beaver Solutions to apply its professional team, its experience, and its relationships in the UK market thus enabling the coordination of seven separate organizations to deliver the solution required by IKEA, on time and on spec.” said Oscar Elizaga, Scala Vice President, EMEA. “IKEA is a very forward thinking company with a clear vision of its in-store digital signage objectives, which makes its selection of Scala as the core of the IKEA TV project all the more significant” he added.

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