Advantech UTC Series for Interactive Digital Signage Solution (2017)

Advantech UTC series touch computers provide the best interactive digital signage solution for a wide range of business environments, such as supermarkets, retail stores, public spaces, and meeting rooms. The interactive digital signage not only displays real-time information and multimedia content, but also allows business to create a more interactive communication with users and to build a better customer experiences.

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ScreenCloud Digital Signage

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Digital Signage with Google Slides on Airtame at Hult International

Hult International recently started to use Google Slides for Digital Signage on their Airtames. Besides skipping the cables at school, Hult is now saving between 20000 and 30000 english pounds that would otherwise have been spend on Digital Signage equipment.

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Airtame makes a screen sharing device for schools and businesses. We want to make it easy for people to share data and ideas without cables, so you can work without limits.

We’re passionate about wireless technology. Why? Because it’s a challenging terrain and we love a good challenge! Airtame started out as a record-­breaking crowdfunding campaign in 2014 during which we raised a total of $1.3M (yeah, it surprised us too). Since then, we’ve grown into a company with +40 people and have shipped more than 40,000 devices. We are based in windy Copenhagen, but have an office in San Francisco and New York that take care of our U.S. customers.

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Digital Signage XIBO

Di era digital, papan pengumuman bermigrasi dari bentuk konvensional ke bentuk digital, sehingga dikenal istilah digital signage. Bentuk digital signage yang sering diterapkan saat ini adalah menggunakan seperangkat komputer yang dihubungkan ke satu atau beberapa buah TV Plasma untuk menampilkan informasi. Salah satu aplikasi digital signage yang mendukung proses pembuatan papan pengumuman digital dan berbasis Web adalah XIBO yang bersifat open source.

Testimonial for Digital Signage: Spaaah Shop- FASTSIGNS®

Digital signs combine video, graphics, sound, text and animation to get your message to the right audience, at the right time. Utilizing digital signs as part of your marketing solution can boost sales, offer a high return on investment (ROI) and ultimately lead to greater customer satisfaction. Learn how Spaaah Shop uses digital signage to better inform and engage with customers, while spreading their marketing messages to further strengthen their brand integrity.

FASTSIGNS® offers three types of digital sign solutions to meet your visual communication needs: a simple “plug and play” option, a web-based system and a custom, multi-faceted enterprise solution. To learn more about digital kiosks, as shown in this video, go to

J: Hi my name is Jessica Unruh, with FASTSIGNS of Durango, and I am here with Connie Matthews with the Spaaah Shop and Day Spa of Durango. So Connie has been a customer of mine for about two years and recently she has decided to install her own piece of dedicated signage right here behind us. Can you tell us a little bit about why you decided to make that decision?
C: Yes, I am a marketing person who ran two chambers of commerce, so I’ve done lots of consulting and we do a whole broad range of marketing. One of the pieces here that was really important was that the majority of people that live in Durango and particularly the tourists don’t know that I have a 2000 square foot day spa back behind here, and it’s a beautiful facility. And so the challenge was, my advertising talks about the day spa, but when you come in here you still don’t see it. So the whole idea of the digital, and the screen, was to bring that to the forefront, back into this retail section. So as people are shopping in this area they are going to be able look up and see this beautiful day spa that is right back here, and it is absolutely the perfect way to make that happen.
J: Connie has actually decided to have FASTSIGNS control all of the graphic content on her behalf so her and her employees can do what they do best, pamper their guests, and allow us to do what we do best, which is serve their graphic needs. So, as an added value to being able to promote your spa features in the back, do you intend to use the digital signage for anything else?
C: Yes, we do. Obviously we will be showing the spa, but in addition to that we run monthly features in the spa, it can be massage, pedicures, facials, etc. And this will be a way to highlight it right on the screen. So we certainly intend to use that change feature as well.

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