NEC Display CEO Shares Vision for Digital Signage Industry

Displays are windows into information. That’s how NEC Display CEO and President Todd Bouman describes digital signage and its current point of breakthrough in bringing content to life.

From quick service restaurants implementing digital signage for location marketing to way-finding in airports and digital integration in retail, digital signage is changing business processes – and NEC is at the forefront of the evolutionary shift in display technology. In fact, the company sees future challenges as opportunities for success.

What is NEC’s impact on display technology? How does digital signage impact business decisions? In this video, Bouman touches on the following:

• The role channel partners play in NEC’s strategy and vision
• How challenges inspire employees
• The impact of big data on business performance

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Digital signage for Carnival Cruise Lines — digital signs, inform, enhance, entertain

Scala, Inc., the leading provider of end-to-end solutions for the digital signage market announced today that Carnival Cruise Lines’ 2,974-passenger vessel, the Carnival Freedom – set to make its U.S. debut Nov. 17 – is the latest “Fun Ship” to feature Scala Digital Signage.

Carnival, recognizing the need to deliver information to their guests quickly and effectively, decided to look toward Digital Signage, and the huge possibilities and potential that this form of communication held in enhancing guests’ “Fun Ship” vacation environment.

The challenge was to inform, entertain and enhance the guest cruise experience. In addition, recognizing the potential for advertising, a Digital Signage network provided a foundation to build an advertising platform. With the implementation of Digital Signage, other obstacles became addressable, including reducing the wait time at information desks by supplying an alternate source of on-demand information.

After evaluating the software solutions in the Digital Signage industry, a decision was made to employ Scala . Based on Scala’s long history in the multimedia industry, and Scala’s product reliability and creative freedom, Carnival felt confident Scala was the solution to drive their Digital Signage endeavor.

Scala powers a variety of Carnival Cruise Lines shipboard information displays. From large format 61″ plasma screens through to 32″ LCD’s, Scala has been adaptable to a variety of display platforms, including several large screen interactive kiosks, providing Carnival’s guests access to large amounts of information, quickly and easily. The touch-enabled Digital Signage Kiosks are used by guests to access information about deck plans, onboard events, dining times, shore excursions and other port-of-call information.

Carnival Cruise Lines first implemented Scala on their vessels in 2001, with the introduction of the Carnival Spirit — the first vessel to carry Digital Signage. Since then, Carnival has deployed over 150 units across the fleet, and extended installations to the cruise terminals in a variety of embarkation ports. To run this operation, Carnival employs a group of A/V professionals dedicated to the installation, maintenance, programming and design of the entire network of units.

With vessels situated in the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, and cruise terminals in Florida, California, and Puerto Rico – all content updates are performed from the company’s Miami headquarters via satellite.

The line’s guests now have quicker and on-demand access to vessel and cruise information. At the same time, the company is able to cross promote other itineraries with further information about the Carnival fleet.

“The goals of Carnival’s Digital Signage network is to effectively inform, entertain and enhance our guests’ cruise experience,” says Tony Manthe, Production & Design Manager for Carnival Cruise Lines. “Ultimately, our goal is to enhance our guests’ vacation with the Scala product, we are able to achieve this objective .”

“Scala continues to deliver an effective and reliable platform, on which we have built our Digital Signage network – it is this reliability that is imperative in a successful Digital Signage solution,” Mr. Manthe adds.

“Utilizing Scala, Carnival is able to produce an industry standard product, demonstrating to their guests that they are dedicated to researching and implementing available technologies to better enhance every aspect of the customer experience,” says Samantha Kelly, Design & Multimedia Supervisor for Carnival Cruise Lines.

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