Bed Bugs from the Shelf

My home suffered an infestation of bed bugs last month. The little devils would bite me in my sleep and poop in the bed. I’m lucky that they didn’t give me any diseases. I tried vacuuming them away, but they kept coming back. I washed my sheets, but they still kept coming back. There was nothing I could do to get rid of them, so I had to call for bed bug removal in Brooklyn NY. The professionals were better equipped to deal with the problem than I was, so I left the task of removing the bugs in their capable hands.

While the professionals were getting rid of the bugs, I couldn’t live in my home because of the chemicals used to kill the bugs. I check into a hotel for a week, and it was like taking a vacation. The home away from home had its own pool and gym, which I used every morning before getting a continental breakfast. The chefs really knew how to cook some great french style scrambled eggs. When the maids came to clean the rooms, I left and walked around the city. » Read more

Getting a New Kitchen Will Be Great

I try to take good care of everything in my home. But with 9 different rooms, 4 children, a husband and four pets, it is hard to keep everything looking good. I often find that I need to spend more time with family, and I have less time to keep things looking nice for everyone. And they all love when mom keeps things clean and good looking. So after 10 years in a kitchen that was already 25 years old, I asked my husband if we could find a company that does kitchen remodeling in Bergen County NJ to freshen up our kitchen.

I do not ask for much. I am someone who likes to go to thrift stores for my clothing. I find a lot of name brand things there, and no even knows that the nice suit I wore to work cost only $5.00. I do everything that I can to save money. » Read more

Learned About a Volume Pill

I ran across this the other day and I really did not get it. In fact I was sitting around with some of my buddies watching a college football game and drinking beer with the guys from work. One of them told me that he was killing time at work one day and he ran across this really odd thing. It was a pill called Semenax, which is something that they call a volume pill. Of course if you look at the name it is easy to see what it is supposed to increase the volume of, but the big question for me and all of the other guys who were there is why you need that. I mean really, it is not something where you have a great advantage from getting more of it. In truth I never really put much thought in that. If I am using a condom for example I do not examine it to see how much goo was left in it. The condom goes straight into the trash and no one involved is going to think about it or what was in it. » Read more

DT Research to introduce all-in-one digital signage system

DT Research to introduce all-in-one digital signage system ‘DS4700’ at KioskCom Self Service Expo 2008 in Las Vegas.

The DS4700 is a WebDT signage system that illustrates the convergence between digital signs and kiosks. It comes with 37-inch and 47-inch flat panel displays with optional infrared touch-screens. According to company, it was launched in the Fall of 2007.

CES 2015 | 42″ Pro-Cap Interactive Digital Signage for Retail

This 42-inch retail digital signage demo, enabled by Cima NanoTech’s highly conductive SANTE® FS200 touch films, is targeted at retail stores. While we are using the ModiFace Android app here, we wanted to illustrate that with a customized software and built-in camera, cosmetic retail stores like Sephora can program their vendors’ (e.g. MAC, Bobbi Brown, Benefits, etc.) line of cosmetic colours in the software; customers can then take a picture of themselves, “try on” different cosmetics digitally to find the right colour before purchasing. Another target market would be hair salons to allow customers to select from an album of hairstyles, see what it looks like on them, before giving their hairstylist the go ahead. Bad haircuts will soon be history!

The 4 key advantages of Cima NanoTech’s SANTE® touch sensors are:

Cima NanoTech manufactures SANTE® touch films in wide-width rolls, allowing our customers to go up to 105-inch screen sizes while maintaining the same, exceptional touch performance of smaller screens.

The excellent conductivity of SANTE® touch films reduces latency and provides a response time of up to 6ms; humans require less than 10ms for a natural touch experience. Users are guaranteed the outstanding touch response that they have become accustomed to on their smartphones and tablets.

The unique direct flexible printed circuit (FPC) bonding design enables large format touch screens with no bezel/border across all screen sizes for a wider display, viewing and touch-enabled area.

Touch panel manufacturers have the freedom to pair SANTE® touch films with any LCD monitor and cover glass in the market as, unlike traditional metal mesh films, the random conductive mesh pattern of SANTE® touch films does not result in moiré issues.

Smartsign Samsung SMART Signage SSSP – Digital Signage

Smartsign Manager supports Samsung SMART Signage (SSSP) as an alternative to use a PC or an external media player. The solution is a good and easy solution that is based on the principle of Plug & Play.

Smartsign Manager is one of the leading software products in Digital Signage. We deliver the smartest and easiest user interface. You can book more or less any media format and play it on the Samsung LFD with SoC.

You can run the system as SaaS and then you need
– Smartsign Manager Cloud Service (Microsoft Azure)
– Samsung SMART Signage LFD
– Internet connection

You can run the system as a self-installation, and then you need
– Smartsign Manager License
– Samsung SMART Signage LFD
– Local installation into your own network

Smartsign Manager – a publishing system that supports more or less everything! The same content can be played through the screens, screensaver, on mobile phones or via the web.

With Smartsign Manager it is easy and reliable to schedule content on different type of devices. Smartsign Media Server (plugin to Smartsign Server) do the conversions for you.

In connection with Smartsign supports Samsung SMART signage we release a new version. Smartsign Manager version 8.3 will be Launched in beginning of June 2013. In this version, we improved end extended our support for the HTML5 player. Smartsign has delivered an HTML-based players since spring 2012. The project started back in 2008 in connection with the development of a new platform.

Delivery models
Smartsign deliver software as a service (SaaS) or on site installation. With more than 1500 server installations in 30 countries we know what we are doing.

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